I live in Antibes, France. I work for IBM as Bluemix Developer Advocate. Before that I've been a product manager for Business Rules in Bluemix and cloud offerings in IBM Systems. I'm an experienced software developer and team lead. I maintain heardontv, a community dedicated to music from tvshows, giving opportunities to play with RoR, JQuery, Angular, Android/iOS. I also shoot portraits, concerts, scenery, cities.
Lighting meets emotions. LA JOIE. LA COLÈRE. LA PEUR. LA TRISTESSE. LA SURPRISE. LE CHAGRIN. Découvrez ces émotions sous la lumière des projecteurs.

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heardontv is a user generated website centered on music heard on tv in your favorite tv shows. Just watched a tv show, looking for the music you just heard? Look no further. And if you already know the title of a song you just heard, go ahead and contribute!

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